Top 5 Apps like TopFollow For Instagram Followers | Alternatives

Topfollow tags are designed to give a quick boost to Instagram accounts. It’s a tool-based app that works with coins; you can’t gain a single follower without coins. To earn coins, you have to complete tasks such as following other profiles, liking and commenting, or using coupons or promo codes to collect free coins. One of the disadvantages of this application is that it is a coin-based app. 

Although it works well and provides genuine Instagram followers, its coin system is a little frustrating. Therefore, people are always searching for alternative apps of Topfollow that work similarly and provide real Instagram followers for free. Real followers are compulsory for growing a profile however dead or bot followers leave a negative impact on your profile. Check and remove fake followers from your profile if you have them. We give you a list of the top 5 apps like TopFollow, which are the best alternatives to the Topfollow apk.

apps like topfollow

List of top 5 Apps like TopFollow

firafollowers is one of the apps like topfollow

1. FiraFollower App

Firafollower is one of the best alternatives to Topfollow. All the features and layout are the same as Topfollow. It’s also a coin-based tool app that gives you real Instagram followers for free. If you find that Topfollow doesn’t work for you, then you can try Firafollower.

Firafollower operates on a followers-for-followers strategy. You follow other profiles, and in return, Firafollower gives you coins, which you can then use to gain Instagram followers in just one click.

firafollowers is one of the apps like topfollow

2. InstaUp App

Instaup is a newly launched app designed to provide instant followers for your Instagram profile without requiring human verification. It’s a highly secure app; you can use it without any doubt. Instaup is compatible with Android, PC, iOS, or Mac devices. For smooth usage on PC and Mac, you’ll need emulators.

The interface is slightly different from Topfollow, but it’s user-friendly. After logging in, you first collect coins, which you can then convert into Instagram followers by following simple steps suggested by the app.

hotfollower alterative of topfolow

3. HotFollower App

Hotfollower is a newly launched app that has gained significant popularity due to its features. It boasts 500k active users with a 4.7 rating. Hotfollower claims to provide original Instagram followers legally, without resorting to any tricks. To use it, you simply log in with your Instagram account, and its interface is similar to that of Topfollow.

You can enhance your Instagram profile using tags. Hotfollower prioritizes your privacy and does not require access to your gallery or any other sensitive information. It’s a 100% secure app, but for added security, it’s recommended to use a fake Instagram account when gaining followers

hashtags ai

4. Hashtags AI

Hashtags themselves don’t directly provide followers and likes, but they play a crucial role in helping to gain original Instagram followers through the use of powerful hashtags. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that generates awesome hashtags.

By incorporating these hashtags into your social media posts, you can attract a large audience. If the audience enjoys your post, they are likely to follow your Instagram account for more content and hashtags. Thus, it’s a purely organic method of gaining followers. This isn’t a third-party app; it’s a 100% legal application with 1 million active users.

top social hub

5. Top Social Hub

Top Social Hub claims to provide hundreds of real Instagram followers in just one click, presenting itself as a viable alternative to Topfollow. Although not a newcomer to the Play Store, it boasts 1 million active users with a rating of 3.8.

Its features closely resemble Topfollow’s and are compatible with various devices such as Android, PC, iOS, Mac, and even smartwatches. However, being a third-party app, it’s prudent to exercise caution. To mitigate risks, it’s advisable to use a fake Instagram account. Once you’ve amassed coins, you can safely purchase followers for your original account.

Final Words

Topfollow is a secure application that provides unlimited Instagram followers, instantly boosting your profile. You can download topfollow and start gaining followers. However, at times, it may fail to meet your desired needs or your fake Instagram account could get banned by Instagram before completing tasks. In such situations, alternatives to apps like Topfollow become invaluable.

We offer you a selection of the best alternative apps for gaining Instagram followers, likes, or comments. If you have any additional useful alternatives to suggest, please send us an email. Thank you!


Apk Topfollow is the best option for gaining free Insta followers. It’s specially designed to acquire real Instagram followers in a legal manner. However, you can try the alternative options provided above; they are also excellent choices if Topfollow does not work for you.

It’s a straightforward task. You just need to choose any of the aforementioned apps, but the best choice is Topfollow. After logging into Topfollow, start collecting coins. You will need 15,000 coins to purchase 10,000 followers. After collecting the coins, click on the ‘followers’ tab and place your order. In just one click, you will start gaining followers.

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